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Home Inspection

When you are considering a new home, selling the one you currently own or even if you have no plans of moving, you should not have to guess what kind of condition your house is in and whether it is even safe to live in. At  AtoZ Home Inspections, we serve Connecticut clients and we understand that the appearance of a house does not tell the whole story. Serious problems can lurk beneath an attractive façade, and it is our job and mission to uncover those issues before they get out of hand. A home inspection can be fitting if you have found the perfect house and want to make sure it is not too good to be true or if you are selling a house and need to know what repairs you may be expected to make. A home inspection from the professionals at AtoZ Home Inspections  can provide you everything you need to know about a home and actionable advice on what you should do next, all at a reasonable price. Visit our website at

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